Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Album Spotlight : Naberus - The Lost Reveries

NABERUS are a four piece metal band from Melbourne, Australia. They are heavily influenced by melodic death, and thrash metal. ‘The Lost Reveries’ was produced by Ermin Hamidovic (Periphery). It contains five brand new songs, in addition to re-mastered versions of nine songs from their previous independent release.

The Lost Reveries is released on December 2nd.

Tracklisting : 1.Drones 2.Unmasked 3.Close your eyes 4.Embers 5.Touch the sky 6.Vultures 7.Voices 8.The fallen 9.Darkest days 10.Gallows 11.Dirge for sanity 12.Walk the streets 13.Cohesion 14.Reveries

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Album Spotlight : TV Telepath - I won true love on a gameshow

TV Telepath are a brand-new three piece experimental post-rock band from Melbourne who are wasting no time in making their music available to the world to bliss out to.
TV Telepath are presenting their "I Won True Love on a Gameshow" EP to the world - an Imaginative, well-crafted group of arrangements heralding a fresh, new sound within the Australian music scene.

After five years of writing and sculpting their sound, founding members Thomas Robinson (Guitar/Vocals) and Jarred Brown (Drums) arrived at the colourful, dynamic, bittersweet sound that is TV Telepath. Bass player Ryan Hume is the newest addition to the band, joining during the production of the record.

Guitarist and Songwriter Thomas Robinson was honest and open about the theme of the record. “The way we feel day to day is largely based on perception...and tools like the television are used to influence the masses into perceiving the world in a certain way. Influencing every aspect of our lives while selling products and fear the entire time.”

The record was produced by Dan Murtagh (Jericco, Dead Letter Circus, Twelve Foot Ninja) at Sing Sing Studios, Melbourne in the summer of 2015. “Dan has this elusive power to get the best out of musicians in the studio. He really pushed us from day one to give all we had with each take. There are some pretty intense moments captured on that record.”

I Won True Love On A Gameshow is released on November 18th.

Tracklisting : 1.Serotonin 2.A song for someone else 3.Home 4.San Quinten 5.The millionaires grin 6.I won true love on a gameshow

Album Spotlight : Brutai - Born

Defying a pop music focused upbringing, and overcoming tough adversities throughout their lives- Brutai are bringing harsh realities to the forefront of Modern Metal with their outstanding debut album ‘Born’. 
A harmonious blend of modern, progressive and memorable music, this is the debut album their fans have been waiting for.

Brutai have already begun to plant the seed to their success and have just signed to Transcend Music.
2016 has seen the band go from strength to strength since the release of their catchy comeback single, ‘Deep’. After having been listed as Metalsucks’ ‘Unsigned and Unholy’, Scuzz putting them on the main playlist and continuous support from the likes of Metal Hammer, Kerrang radio/TV, Planet Rock Radio and more- the band went on to demonstrate that they could take what they’ve built in the studio - direct to the stage.

Brutai have shared the stage this year with the likes of Soilwork, The Butcher Babies, Textures, have graced the Sophie Stage at Bloodstock alongside a masterful line-up inclusive of Gojira, Slayer and Mastodon- and will be touring with Devil You Know in January 2017.
Mixed and Mastered by Matt Hyde (Slipknot, Fightstar, Machine Head, Bullet For My Valentine)- ‘Born’ is a collection of honest, modern, and relevant songs that will connect with the hard rock and metal community. 

A soundscape of melodious, heavy, emotion driven riffs against technical drum patterns, subliminally unavoidable pop-influenced vocal melodies and panoramic synths and keys- Brutai are defying expectations and are delivering something fresh which will inevitably contribute towards further success.
Now is the time for Brutai to sew their seeds and to give birth to a new wave of Modern Metal.

Born is released on November 25th.

Tracklisting : 1.Relapse 2.Deep 3.Of ashes 4.Lucidity 5.Valediction 6.Never change 7.Dear Emily 8.Over now 9.Visitors 10.The border

Monday, October 24, 2016

Album Spotlight : He Danced Ivy - The verbal kind

Brisbane newcomers, and punk-prog monsters He Danced Ivy have unleashed The Verbal Kind on an unsuspecting Australia. The Verbal Kind is the lead single and title-track of He Danced Ivy's debut album.
he Verbal Kind 's running bass and thick riffs are a perfect introduction to the high energy, thrashing 10 track album. To celebrate the boys are bashing down the doors at Crowbar on Thursday, October 27 to play with prog bosses Red in Tooth and Mofoisdead.
The Verbal Kind is angular and dark, showcasing all of He Danced Ivy's strengths including strong harmonies in the chorus, groovy breakdowns and intense punk-rock energy with progressive sensibilities.

The Verbal Kind is released on October 27th.

Tracklisting : 1.You can´t trust a barber 2.The verbal kind 3.Useless plural 4.Mechanesque 5.Square peg syndrome 6.Swim. little fish 7.Me, I´m a seller 8.Yad Etisoppo 9.Tosca 10.April fools