Sunday, February 26, 2017

Review : Lakeshore - 41

Lakeshore - 41 (2017) Independent
Produced by Ken Susi
Tracks : 1.History 2.Future 3.King
3 out of 5

It´s almost impossible to bring something new to a genre that hasn´t been done already, so with that in mind I think it´s better to focus on writing good songs and do your best.
Lakeshore is a new band that consists of the brothers Ben - Guitars and Joe Lionetti - Drums (who originally founded the metalcore giants Emmure), they teamed up with Shawn Adams - Vocals, Chris Segovia - Bass and Mitch LoBuglio - Lead Guitar.
"41" is a solid debut EP that bring thoughts to Breaking Benjamin, Trust Company and Lo-Pro. A music video for the lead track "History" will be released soon and it´s a good tune, well produced with a traditional active rock chorus.
But my favorite is the much heavier "King" that features a guest appearance from Karl Shubach of Misery Signals and Jessie Freeland of The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza.
Let´s rock!

Bill Paxton R.I.P

You were one of the best, see you on the other side.
Bill Paxton R.I.P (May 17, 1955-February 25, 2017).
This makes me really sad.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Review : Youth In Revolt - The Broken

Youth In Revolt - The Broken (2017) Outerloop Records
Produced by Taylor Larson / Josh Buckner / Nick Matzkovs
Tracks : 1.Noise 2.Love is a liar´s game 3.Not giving up 4.The Broken 5.Brisbane 6.Don´t wait for me 7.There for you 8.I´m not scared 9.Alright 10.Sleep 11.Only one
3,5 out of 5

The New Jersey based 5-piece Youth In Revolt has a crystal clear and very melodic sound on their new album "The Broken", but I bet they are much heavier live because these songs are like wolves in sheeps clothing.
YIR are labelmates with Megosh, Chasing Safety and Lorna Shore but sounds like they could belong to the Tooth and Nail Records family, the production could be signed Aaron Sprinkle.
You might have stumbled across YIR`s covers of "Royals" (Lorde) or "Something in the way you move me" (Ellie Goulding) on Youtube, but "The Broken" features all original songs and damn they´re good.
Frontman Tanner Allen has a highpitch voice that is hard not to like, it suits the music just perfect. In fact, he´s the star in this great band.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Review : Lower Than Atlantis - Safe in sound

Lower Than Atlantis - Safe in sound (2017) Easy Life Records
Produced by Dan Lancaster
Tracks : 1.Had enough 2.Dumb 3.Long time coming 4.Boomerang 5.Work for it 6.Could be a worse 7.I would 8.Money 9.I don´t want to be here anymore 10.A night to forget
3 out of 5

The British 4-piece got a fresh new start with their self titled album from 2014, what seemed to be a closure for the band, they instead had a major refill and are definitely safe in sound on their brand new record.
This is a band that sounds inspired and are willing to try new ways, like for example the poppy "Boomerang" and the Police-like "Money".
Although, I´m not too thrilled over the pop direction they have taken in "Boomerang", I prefer the traditional Lower Than Atlantis style in songs like "Dumb" and "A night to forget".
These two tracks are also the highlights on "Safe in sound", but in it´s entirety, it doesn´t reach the same level as "Lower Than Atlantis" from 2014.
I do dig Dan Lancaster´s edgy production.